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Home Documents

Wills, Trusts & Estates*
Confidential Estate Planning
Estate Planning Worksheet (married and single)
Letter Changing Beneficiary
Living Trust Amendment
Living Trust Revocation
Memorial Planner and Information
State-Specific* Trusts
State-Specific* Pour Over Wills
State-Specific* Wills

Health & Medical
Authorization to Release Medical Information
Healthcare Power of Attorney
Limited Power of Attorney - Medical Treatment
Medicare Fraud Letter
Medicare Part A Denial Appeal Letter
Medicare Part B Denial Appeal Letter
Organ Donation Statement
Revocation of Advance Directive
State-Specific* Living Wills

General Contracts
Assignment of Contract Exhibit
General Release by Individual Claimant
Legal Services Agreement - Contingent Fee
Legal Services Agreement - Flat Fee
Legal Services Agreement - Hourly Rates
Notice of Assignment of Contract

Real Estate
Buying a Home Checklist
Home Remodeling Agreement
Homeowner's Association Proxy
Joint House Ownership Agreement
Landlord's Demand to Enter Premises
Lead-based Paint Disclosure
Lien Waiver
Moving Tips and Checklist
Offer to Buy Real Estate
Quitclaim Deed
Residential House Lease Agreement
Residential Real Estate Sale Contract
Seller's Disclosure Form
Sportsman's Property Use Agreement
Sublease Agreement
Tenant's Notice Invoking Option Letter
Tenant's Notice Terminating Tenancy

Finance & Investments
Affidavit of Lost Stock Certificate
Bad Check Notice
Bill of Sale - Vehicle
Challenge to Adverse Credit Action
Credit Card Dispute Letter
Demand for Money Owed
Personal Bankruptcy Questionnaire
Investment Club Bylaws
Investment Club Partnership
Letter Disputing Credit File
Letter of Membership/Subscription Cancellation
Lost Credit Card Notification
Notice to Bank to Stop Payment of a Check
Odometer Disclosure Statement
Promissory Note
Refusal of Credit Card Charge
Request for Credit Report
Request for Earnings and Benefit Estimate Statement
Response to Creditor's Demand
Stock Power

Consumer & Family
Acceptance of Employment
Birth Certificate Request
Change for Official Transcript
Change of Address Letter
Child Care Instructions
Child Visitation Letter
Consumer Complaint Letter (to Better Business Bureau)
Consumer Complaint Letter (to Company)
Death Certificate Request
Demand for Delivery
Employment Reference Letter
Employment Reference Request Letter
Employment Resignation Letter
Freedom of Information Act Request
Marriage Certificate Request
Notice Letter to Child's School
Pre-nuptial Agreement
Release of Personal Injury Claim
Request to Remove Name from Mailing Lists
Request to Remove Name from Telemarketing Lists
Shared Residence Agreement
Small Claims Court Worksheet
Social Security Change in Information Letter
Temporary Guardianship of Minor Child
Transfer to Minor
Trip Permission Slip
Veteran's Request for Benefit Information

Powers of Attorney
Alimony Letter
Authorization to Disclose Financial Records
Authorization to Release Employee Benefit Information
Child Support LetterDivorce Decree or Annulment Decree Request
Husband's Divorce Workbook
Sample Custody and Visitation Order
Sample Decree of Divorce
Settlement Agreement (Uncontested)
Wife's Divorce Workbook

Powers of Attorney
General Power of Attorney
Durable Power of Attorney
Notice of Revocation of Power of Attorney
Special Power of Attorney


Business Documents*

Personal & Employment
Assignment of Pre-employment Works
Conflict of Interest Guidelines
Employee Non-Compete Agreement
Employee Rules of Conduct
Employment Application
Employment Confirmation Letter
Executive Employment Agreement
Holiday Policy
Independent Contractor (Consulting)
Jury Duty Policy
Offer of Employment
Rejection of Applicant
Terms of Employment
Vacation Policy

Equipment Lease
IRS Form W-9 (Request for TIN)
Promissory Note
Release of Contract Claim
SBA Loan Questionnaire
Security Agreement
Settlement Agreement

Sale & Purchase of Goods
Agreement for the Sale of Goods
Bill of Sale
Cancellation of Order Goods Not Received
Limited Warranty
Notice by Buyer - Cancellation for Breach
Notice by Seller - Cancellation for Breach
Notice of Intent to Repossess
Notice of Past Due Account - First
Notice of Past Due Account - Second
Notice of Past Due Account - Final
Notice of Rejection of Non-Conforming Goods
Purchase Order
Purchase Order - Terms
Sale of Goods on Consignment Agreement
Work Acknowledgment Letter

Action by Incorporator
Articles of Organization
Asset Purchase Agreement
Buying a Business Checklist
Certificate of Incorporation
Corporate Secretary's Certificate
General Proxy
LLC: Action by Consent
LLC: Certificate of Membership Units
LLC: Consent to Appt of Reg Agent
LLC: Operating Agreement
Partnership Agreement
Statement of Unanimous Consent of Directors
Statement of Unanimous Consent of Shareholder

Sales & Marketing
Advertising Agency Agreement
Co-op Promotional Agreement
Distributorship Agreement - Exclusive
Distributorship Agreement - Non-exclusive
Joint Marketing Agreement
Sales Employment Agreement
Sales Representative Agreement
Talent/Model Release
Testimonial Consent and Release

Beta Test Agreement
Confidentiality Agreement
Prepackaged Software License
Reciprocal Non-disclosure Agreement
Sale of Technology Agreement
Software Development Agreement
Software Distribution Agreement
Software License Agreement
Software Source Code Escrow Agreement
Value Added Reseller Agreement

Real Estate
Commercial Lease Agreement
Consent to Assignment Lease
Eviction Notice Worksheet
Landlord Demand Letter
Landlord Notice Terminating Tenancy
Landlord's Consent to Assignment
Landlord's Rules and Regulations
Notice of Rent Increase Letter
Notice to Tenant to Make Repairs Letter
Rental Application
Residential House Lease Agreement
Tenant's Assignment of Lease Agreement
Tenant's Notice Terminating Tenancy
Termination of Lease Agreement